A “President’s” day to remember!

Crooked Stick was a rewarding and fun place to work with great staff and awesome members. But this day would be memorable. President George W Bush was coming to Indiana for a visit and a game of golf at Crooked Stick. Secret Service, dogs and advance planning are necessities whenever the President travels so the President’s visit was not a complete surprise. But when he actually arrived, it became real to all of us. President Bush was a real gentleman, made a point of asking us our names, introducing himself etc. As I led the President up to the men’s locker room, he asked me if the golf range was member’s only or could he hit a few balls before playing? I believe I replied “with all due respect, sir, you’re the President – you can do anything you like!” I think the Secret Service guy smirked at that comment. Later on that day, one of my colleagues told me that one of our member’s kids had been hitting balls on the range beside the President. Breathless, the eight year old had run into the pro shop, and had excitedly exclaimed “I was hitting next to the President, George Washington!” Out of the mouth of babes!It was an honor to host the President that day. As the President played the course, numerous members approached him for photo opportunities and he graciously gave his time and attention.