Members are the real difference makers for Club Professionals!

An awesome benefit to working at private clubs are the members themselves. I cannot count the times that I was invited for dinner, given tickets to concerts, invited to sports events – even sitting in the owner’s box at times! Along the way, you learn a lot about member’s families and, as a teacher and coach of golf, you can make an important contribution to their upbringings. That was taken up a notch for me at Crooked Stick where the members really embrace their club professionals as part of their extended families.Let me give you a great example on how the benefits of close relationships between professional staff and members can manifest themselves. One of our members was a physician and his wife was becoming increasingly frustrated with her golf game (which all of us do time to time!) I began a series of lessons with her and, by the end of a couple months, she was hitting the ball fine again. As is common in golfing families, satisfaction in their games seems to rub off on everything else and my member was especially happy with my help. Later that year, I passed out (feighted) at work and had to be admitted to the hospital with some brain swelling and other symptoms. The same physician went out of his way to look into my case and helped to conclude West Nile Virus as the cause. As they say, Good deeds lead to other good deeds or What goes around, comes around!