Wanna be a golf pro?

Interested in becoming a golf professional? Well, unless you are shooting lights out (low 60s’) in tournament golf and have your game peak at the right times, you’ll likely be considering the club professional route. In the United States, there are various paths you can take to this goal but the most comprehensive is the Professional Golf Management (PGM) program. Most aspiring professionals will undertake this in conjunction with their undergraduate degree at a major university. It’s a rigorous program; in addition to all the courses you normally complete for a BA or BSc you take a full slate of PGA designed courses covering instruction, club fitting, agronomy, merchandising etc. Basically every aspect you might encounter at a golf course, facility or related company. Add to that 3 three month internships and a 6 month internship and a set of final exams. And a Player’s Ability Test, 36 holes where one generally has to score no more than 155. Sound daunting? It’s not as bad as it sounds as the PGM schools are staffed with outstanding instructors that really care about your success. If you are still interested contact the PGA of America (or the CPGA in Canada/Golf Canada) for more information or you can simply search online for PGM schools that are accredited by the PGA/CPGA.